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FBO NAME: Central Georgia Aviation RATING: 5 (best)

AIRPORT: Perry-Houston County (PXE)
COMMENTS: Great service. Reasonable rental rates. Caring owner. Great little airport.
REVIEWER: Thom Pinkston; Thom.Pinkston@Coxmedia.com

FBO NAME: Aero Flight Center RATING: 4 (very good)

AIRPORT: Cobb County, McCollum (RYY)
VISITED: 12/23/05
COMMENTS: A full-service shop, with training, fuel, etc. I have found them very accommodating, especially to a student pilot. The first time I rented a plane there, they gave me their favorable "club" rates, even though I'm not yet a member of their club. They are one of several centers at RYY, Georgia's second-busiest airport, after Hartsfield International and ahead of Columbus, Athens, etc.
REVIEWER: Warren Causey; warren@wbcausey.com

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