Our September newsletter finds a tiny plane that claims to fit a man, a jetliner just stretching its legs, an airport glistening between two bodies of water, and concern over what the Feds are doing this week...

Line Up and What?!

ImageJust hours from now, your taxiway routine will be disrupted by a new phrase from the FAA that our Bravo Blogger thinks will be more confusing, costly, and falls short of what really needs to be done...

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What Am I? - September

ImageThis month's "What Am I?" contest comes packed with anticipation.

If you think you've flown on it, you haven't. In fact, none of us will until next year at the earliest.

In the meantime, at least we can admire its beautiful curves as it battles the nasty Icelandic crosswinds.

Remember, you no longer have to be the first person to name this aircraft. Just submit the correct guess and the Archer Bravo mousepad winner will be drawn at random!

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Gee Quiz

ImageLast month's "What Am I?" contest wasn't as simple as it looked.

But Archer Bravo member Dave Otis must know his luxury jets. He correctly identified this aircraft as a Gulfstream III.

How can you tell the difference? Dave says just look at the windshield. The slope sets the G3 and G2 apart. Nice work.

Congrats Dave, an Archer Bravo mousepad is on the way.

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September: Is It Real or Fake?

ImageLast month you told us a giant aerial tanker was real. But this tiny thing? We want to know if a human can fit in it, or if it's actually remote controlled.

And tell us what it might be called. Just go to our Facebook page and submit a comment for your answer...

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Where Am I? - September

ImageIf you enjoy the Gulf of Mexico, this is certainly an ideal destination for fair-weather flyers.

But don't be fooled. This month's "Where Am I?" airport actually sits on a Bay, too.

The field is known for being the birthplace of commercial aviation, and if you've landed here, you may have seen the plaque.

Remember, to win you no longer have to be the first person to name this airport. Just submit a correct guess and the Archer Bravo t-shirt winner will be drawn at random!

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Windy City Stormy, Too

ImageLast month's "Where Am I?" contest taxied for take-off in the wake of a classic Midwest summer morning.

Archer Bravo member Scott Morrow correctly identified this photo taken from a United Airlines Boeing 767 headed to the runway at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD).

A fierce line of thunderstorms had rolled through the area just an hour before, and somehow this flight departed on-time for SFO.

Congrats Scott. An Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way.

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