In our September newsletter, we fly back to college, spot a high-tech turboprop, and see first-hand how not going-around can quickly put you on the beach...

VIDEO: No Go-Around Crash

ImageOur instructors drill it into our heads: go-around the moment you sense your approach isn't going the way you had planned.

But we sometimes ignore our training and follow our instincts. That is, until you see this amazing video clip showing what can happen if you don't do what you're taught...

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Roadway Incursion

ImageFor commuters, it's a pain. For aviation enthusiasts, last month's "Where Am I?" photo shows a traffic jam we'd all like to be in.

Archer Bravo member David Kroutil was the first to correctly identify the picture taken at the Gibraltar Airport (GIB) on Spain's Iberian Peninsula.

Yes, traffic is stopped for arriving and departing planes, sometimes for as long as 2 hours. A new tunnel fixes that problem, but also takes away an amazing view out of the car windshield.

Congrats David, an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way.

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Where Am I? - September

ImageWe're headed to school in this month's "Where Am I?" contest, on approach to Runway 35 at an airport actually owned by a well-known and highly-regarded university system.

It sits about two miles from a campus where you're more likely to learn about agriculture than flying.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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Have You Seen Our TwitPics?

ImageFrom a picture inside a bustling control tower with an amazing view, to an exclusive photo of the Prime Minister's Royal Australian Airforce 737 on a surprise visit to Honolulu, it's just some of what you'll have exclusive access to by following us on Twitter. Just click below...

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What Am I? - September

ImageShe might have props, but that doesn't mean this month's "What Am I?" aircraft is lacking the latest gadgets and gear.

The maker of this fast turboprop has a storied and successful track record, and this particular model is its latest offering to the regional airline fleet.

Unfortunately, it was also involved in a recent crash, where the computers were right, and the pilots were wrong.

The first person to correctly guess wins an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad.

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A War Trainer

ImageLast month's "What Am I?" contest featured one of the best-known training aircraft of all time, used to teach pilots how to fly during World War Two.

And Archer Bravo Member Scott Duncan was the first to correctly identify it as the Boeing Stearman Model 75, pictured here at the Pacific Aviation Museum on Oahu.

It comes with a Gosport, a tube connecting the front and back seats so the instructor can talk to the student.

Congrats Bill! An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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