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Like Apples & Oranges

ImageThe reponses came pouring in. And all of you knew August's "Where Am I?" picture was taken over New York City, but what about that river? Nope, it's not the Hudson.

Archer Bravo Member Scott Morrow was the first of many to correctly guess the body of water just under the wing is the East River.

The photo was snapped by member John Levinson from his Cessna Skylane. Thanks John and congrats Scott. A redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way!

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"Where Am I?" - September

ImageOur September "Where Am I?" contest takes us back across the country, and back to an airport.

This runway is surrounded by lots of traffic, plenty of water, and more microchips than you can count.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets a redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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To The N-th Degree

Calling all tail-numbers. Put the aircraft you rent in our database. It will help your fellow pilots find a better rental. Just click on the link below to add any N-number to our website...

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What Am I? - Gooney Bird!

ImageWow! Our inaugural "What Am I?" contest created quite a buzz. The answers came pouring in, a true testament to your knowledge and passion for aviation.

Yes, it has two engines and a stout nose. And it first flew on December 17, 1935.

Archer Bravo member Bill Austin was the first to correctly identify August's "What Am I?" as the Douglas DC-3, affectionately known as the Gooney Bird.

An Archer Bravo mousepad is on the way!

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What Am I? - September

And since you love it, we'll keep doing it...

-Want your MEL? I've been known to help
-Bring your friends. I can seat 5 passengers
-I took my first flight in 1969 - in the USA

What Am I?

The first person to correctly guess the aircraft will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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Bravo Blog: Air Force... Two?

It is hands-down the most beautiful 747 ever built. And when Air Force One came to town recently, our latest Bravo Blogger was seeing double.

And this month... you get a picture!

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