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"Where Am I?" - September

We haven't stumped you yet. Maybe one of our members can. This month's "Where Am I?" picture was sent to us by Alan Antinori. How about a hint...

-We head east to the Sunshine State

The first person to correctly identify this airport will get bragging rights in next month's newsletter, and a free Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt.

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"Where Am I" Winner - August!

ImageWe must have struck a chord with you. Last month's "Where Am I?" photo prompted a record number of responses, and most them were correct!

However, Archer Bravo member Eric Fechter was the first to correctly guess that this picture is of the Harris Ranch airport in Coalinga, California. Congratulations Eric. An Archer Bravo t-shirt is on the way!

The photo was taken in the late afternoon on short final to runway 32. Interstate 5 runs north/south just to the left. After touchdown, there's a great meal to be had - if you like steak.

And it's not just the picture that makes the pavement look small. Keep reading...

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Landing On A Bike Path

Our latest blog picks up where our "Where Am I" contest leaves off. If you seek-out small runways like the one pictured above, then you'll enjoy this landing.

Bravo Blog

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I Love That Airport

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