In October's newsletter, we find some sand & sea, take you on a majestic mountain ride, and get you out of your fixed-wing funk...

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"Where Am I?" - October

October's "Where Am I?" heads back into the States, and to a very well-maintained dual-runway general aviation airport surrounded by sand.

However, not far to the east of the field - and barely visible through the haze at the top of this picture - is an oasis of sorts. In fact, it's a sea...

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Kiwi Approach...

ImageYou got your passport stamped if you correctly guessed September's "Where Am I?" location.

Archer Bravo Member Jeff West was the first to recognize this beautiful, yet harrowing approach, into the Milford Sound Airport (MFN) on the south island of New Zealand.

The photo was taken while low and slow and over the Sound itself just seconds before touchdown on the 2,600 foot runway. A go-around would certainly be tough, with granite cliffs shooting-up thousands of feet in all directions.

It was the flight of a lifetime for us. Read this month's Bravo Blog below for more amazing pictures of this incredible journey...

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35 Minutes I Won't Forget

ImageThere's mountain flying. And then there's mountain flying!

In this month's Bravo Blog, step aboard a twin-engine Islander and strap-in the front seat for one of the most majestic flights on earth...

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What's Wrong With My Radio?

ImageThat's perhaps the phrase mentioned over and over when September's "What Am I?" aircraft flies overhead.

Archer Bravo Member Brendan Dolan was the first of many to correctly identify the pictured aircraft as an EA-6B Prowler.

Used for electronic jamming, and as one member put it, "a damn fine SAM killer," this Prowler is seconds away from being shot off the deck of the USS Kittyhawk.

Oh, and cue the catapult steam to make the picture even more dramatic.

Congrats Brendan! An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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What Am I? - October

ImageYou've had your fixed-wing fix. In October's "What Am I?" contest, let's test your rotor-wing skills.

This sophisticated bird is resting on the hot ramp while its crew is resting inside the cool FBO.

Tell us what type of helicopter it is, and bonus points if you can tell us which agency uses it. Hint: watch your speed.

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