Forget about the neighborhood. Spend your Halloween trick-or-treating at your local airport, where the candy is what you find in the hanger...

Blasted, While Sleeping

It's the worst possible sight. A new trainer, in pieces on the tarmac. Find out what happened, as this month's Bravo Blog explores the dangers of sleeping on the ramp.

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Silicon Landings

ImageSeptember's "Where Am I?" contest took a trip to the heart of the Silicon Valley, where a short and narrow runway welcomes pilots on business, and pleasure.

Archer Bravo Member Jim Mercado wasted no time in identifying the photo, which was taken on short final to the Palo Alto Airport (PAO) in California.

Tucked under the busy Bay Area airspace, Palo Alto Airport is a favorite for flight training, and for jack rabbits that roam the 2,400 foot runway.

Congratulations Jim. A redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way!

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"Where Am I?" - October

Speaking of short runways, our October "Where Am I?" contest takes us into the back country where you'd better be sharp on your crosswind landing technique.

That is, unless you'd like to land into the prevailing wind on this airport's gravel runway. It runs perpendicular to the main strip. But watch out for the trees!

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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What Am I Earns A MEL!

ImageOur second "What Am I?" installment posed more of a challenge than its debut one month ago.

What was built in 1969, seats 5 passengers, and has passed many MEL students?

Archer Bravo member Gordon Sorensen was the first to correctly identify September's "What Am I?" aircraft as the trusty Piper Seneca.

Nice work Gordon, an Archer Bravo mousepad is on the way!

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What Am I? - October

This month, let's head back into the 1930s...

-I was in production from 1937 to 1969
-Fred Weick created me
-I was once available for sale at Macys

What Am I?

The first person to correctly guess the aircraft will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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