Still looking for a costume this Halloween? Being a pilot is never a bad option. In this month's newsletter, we try to TRICK you with our latest "Where Am I?" contest. Then watch us TREAT one lucky person to a free hour of flight...

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"Where Am I" Winner - September!

ImageWe thought perhaps we'd stump you in September, but no such luck. Our members are experts on airports - and they proved that again in last month's "Where Am I?" contest.

Member Bob Smith was the first to correctly guess that this picture was taken on short final to runway 34 at Clearwater Airpark (CLW) in Florida. Bob, congratulatons. An Archer Bravo t-shirt is on its way to you!

This photo was taken by member Alan Antinori from a Bell 407 in trail of a Robinson R22.

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"Where Am I?" - October

Let's do it a little bit different this month. In October's "Where Am I?" contest, we need two bits of information for you to win:

1) The name of the island pictured here
2) The name of at least one airport on this island

The first person to correctly answer these two questions will get bragging rights in next month's newsletter, and a free Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt.

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That Unsettled Feeling

What started as an apparent sightseeing flight over NYC quickly turned into a tragedy for all involved, and a new challenge for anyone who has a passion for flying...

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