Stuffed with turkey, now on with the rest of the holiday season. The crowded malls have never been so much fun... when looking down on them from the air!

Glassy Landings

ImageAhh, the glass cockpit. It sure looks nice, until you bounce your landing, over and over again. In this month's Bravo Blog, read about the one thing you should never do when flying with glass...

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What The Heck Is That?

ImageThis month our "What Am I?" contest is slightly different, simply because of what our Bravo Photographers just happened to find on the ramp at Honolulu International Airport.

Ok, so it's a Gulfstream, but check out the "mohawk" above the forward section of the fuselage.

So, this month, you have to tell us: What Am I... Used For? The first person to correctly guess will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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Crosswind Antics

ImageNo shortage of guesses from last month's "What Am I?" contest, but the first correct response came from Archer Bravo member Richard Sparling, who correctly identified the aircraft as the Ercoupe.

The Ercoupe is the product of Fred Weick, and was available for sale at Macys in the Men's Department. And did you know: The Ercoupe doesn't have rudder pedals, so Boeing 707 pilots used to train on it to master the "crab" crosswind approach.

Congratulations Richard, an Archer Bravo mousepad is on the way!

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"Where Am I?" - November

From the Northeast to a valley out West. November's "Where Am I?" contest takes us to an airport with - count 'em - one, two, three intersecting runways. That makes for some fun.

If that's not enough of a hint: it used to be called the Sutterville Aerodrome.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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Wait a Minute!

ImageIt just might be covered in snow this time of year, but that's just part of the charm in October's "Where Am I?" contest.

Archer Bravo Member Scott Morrow was the first to correctly guess the photo was snapped above the Minute Man Air Field (6B6) in Stow, Massachusetts.

The picture was taken from a Cessna 182 by member John Levinson, who says the wind is almost always blowing 90 degrees across the main runway. What about using the crossing strip? Go for it, if you like gravel.

Thanks John, and congratulations Scott. An Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way!

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Welcome New Members

ImageWe'd like to welcome all of our new members who found Archer Bravo Aviation in the recent edition of General Aviation News.

The more members we have, the better we can serve you. Please spread the word to your fellow pilots.

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