From all of us at Archer Bravo Aviation, we hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope the holiday season allows you plenty of clear and crisp late fall flying...

Here We Come!

Our huge aircraft database is getting even bigger. As you read this, we're expanding in several states. In addition to California, Arizona, and Texas, our search engine now includes aircraft in Florida, Kansas, and Hawaii.

We're still adding aircraft in these states, but you can now start searching in some areas.

If you don't see your region or state, we'll be there soon. And we'll be there sooner if you tell your FBO about, and have them contact us!

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We Have A Winner!

ImageAll she did was tell a friend about Archer Bravo Aviation - and now member Kayleen Amerson is the winner of a FREE hour of flight.

We've already sent the check to the LeMay Aero Club & Flight Training Center at the Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

And we're very proud to tell you that this is the second free flight giveaway to go to a member of the U.S. military. Congratulations, Kayleen. Have fun on your flight!

You, too, can win a FREE hour in the air. Just click on the link below.

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"Where Am I?"- October

Image... But we don't have a winner in our October "Where Am I?" contest. No one was able to correctly tell us where this picture was taken, or identify an airport on this island.

We had one very close guess: Almost, Hal - but wrong island.

This picture was taken over the windward coast of Oahu (over Makapuu Point) in a Cessna 172SP from 2,000 feet. There are 6 airports on the island: Honolulu Int'l, Ford Island, Kalaeloa, Dillingham, Kaneohe Bay MCAF, and Wheeler AAF.

We strongly recommend a flight if you're visiting Hawaii. We can help set one up - just click on the "Vacations" tab on our homepage.

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"Where Am I?" - November

We think November will be a bit easier, especially for anyone who has been south of the border. There's hint #1.

Hint #2: A certain airline clearly dominates the market!

The first person to correctly identify this airport will get bragging rights in next month's newsletter, and a free Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt.

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Season of Sharing

There are three types of passengers you may encounter this holiday season. Do you know one?

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Deal of the Month - $500 Off Training!

ImageWe want nothing more than for you to fly... for less. It's why we work hard to partner with FBOs that are willing to offer exclusive deals just for you. In our new feature, called "Deal of the Month," we'll profile flight schools doing just that!

White Air at the Chanute Martin Johnson airport in Kansas is slashing its Career Program price by $500 for Archer Bravo members - and knocking $100 off its Single Training Package.

Just go to our search engine by clicking below, search under Kansas, and click on the red Bravo Deal link to find out more!

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