Our March newsletter is all pumped up with new features. We want to know if an aircraft is real or fake, wonder if glass cockpits are safer, head towards a war zone, and cringe at the thought of landing on a beach...

To Beach, Or Not to Beach?

ImageHe did everything right. But it ended so terribly wrong. It's the freakish and heartbreaking emergency landing for a pilot in South Carolina, and believe it or not, a scenario familiar to our Bravo Blogger and his instructor...

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What Am I? - March

ImageThis month's "What Am I?" contest finds the point of rotation for a mission critical to our military might.

In fact, if you look closely, you'll see a second tail hanging off the back of this bird, ready to quench the thirst of its faster counterparts in the sky.

The first person to correctly guess the type of aircraft wins an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad.

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The Birth of An Airline

ImageLast month's "What Am I?" contest showed the birth of our nation's safest and most on-time airline.

But perhaps the paint scheme threw you off, as no one was able to correctly guess the pictured aircraft is a Bellanca CH-300, the first plane flown by Hawaiian Airlines in 1929, then known as Inter-Island Airways.

It was recently restored and returned to Honolulu in time for the airline's 80th birthday, and that's where we found it recently basking in the sun.

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New Contest: Is It Real or Fake?

ImageThis month we begin a new contest called "Real or Fake?" We need you to tell us if the pictured aircraft is a phony, or something that actually flies.

We begin with what some are calling the next fighter aircraft for the U.S. Military. What do you think?

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POLL: Is Glass Really Safer?

Most of us learned on round dials. Then spent, oh, maybe 10 hours learning to fly on glass, an innovation touted as bringing the next level of safety to general aviation. But does it? The NTSB is now concerned. And so are we. Let us know what you think in our Bravo Poll...

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Where Am I? - March

ImageLet's go international for three months in a row, and head towards a tense territory in March's "Where Am I?" contest.

If you recognize that tree-themed livery on the tail to the right, you'll know the airport as the hub for Middle East Airlines. You might also know it was closed for 5 weeks in 2006 after a missile strike!

The first person to name this location gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month''s newsletter.

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Whistle While You... Play

ImageLast month's "Where Am I" contest found itself nestled into the mountains of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

And Archer Bravo member Lee Danforth won the gold, as the first to correctly identify the picture taken near the Whistler Heliport (CBE9) in British Columbia.

This base provides a Heli-Skiing launching point for thrill-seekers who don't want to work within the confines of a chair lift.

Congrats Lee, an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way.

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Spring Break For Pilots

ImageFrom the thunderous roar of the Thunderbirds, to the calm of the copilot in the Miracle on the Hudson, this year's Sun 'N Fun expo & fly-in really has something for everyone. And it's not too late to plan your trip to Lakeland for 6-days you won't forget: April 13th-18th...

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