In our March newsletter, we head for snow country before it melts, climb into a classic, and see how a bounced landing can go very bad, even for an airliner...

FedEx Crash: Clues, Confidence, Caution

ImageOur latest Bravo Blog graphically reminds all of us that no landing is routine, as we witness a FedEx MD-11 bounce, and then burst into flames at the Narita Airport.

In March's other postings, we get concerned about a second Skycatcher crash, and a new twist on some recent Biz Jet Bashing that drew a response from Flying Magazine Editor J. Mac McClellan. Do you agree with us, or him?

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Where Am I? - March

ImageAs winter fades, we have room for one more snow-covered airport in our popular "Where Am I?" contest.

You might have to look carefully for the perfectly cleared runway in this snapshot.

But whatever you do, don't confuse the interstate for your touchdown zone. Pilots have done it before, with catastrophic consequences.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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Land in Any Direction!

ImageYou probably won't have to worry about a crosswind when arriving at February's "Where Am I?" airport, as it has a runway suited for just about any direction.

Archer Bravo Member Jack Lewis was the first to correctly identify this photo, taken above Minneapolis St. Paul International (MSP).

The airport was actually a racetrack in 1914, but now has four runways, and boasts shuttles that connect passengers to the Mall of America. No excuses for skipping that gift shop.

Congrats Jack! An Archer Bravo t-shirt is on its way.

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Train Where You Live

ImageFinally ready to add-on that instrument ticket, but want to do it quickly, close to home, and in your own aircraft?

Our newest partner, Island Air Express will come to you for experienced, accelerated flight training. Our friends Ronald & Morris are ready to help...

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What Am I? - March

ImageOur "What Am I?" contest usually asks you to identify an aircraft from the outside. Not this month!

Let's climb into the cockpit of an all-time classic low & slow taildragger. If you've been in one, you'll instantly know this sight picture.

The first person to correctly guess the type of aircraft wins an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad.

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Elevator with Special Paint

ImageIn last month's "What Am I?" contest, Archer Bravo Member Brandon Freeman was the first to correctly identify the pictured aircraft is a Cessna Caravan.

This photo was snapped at the historic Dillingham Airfield on the North Shore of Oahu, with the Caravan ready to lift a group of skydivers to their bliss.

Did you notice this Caravan has a special paint job? Learn more here.

Congrats Brandon! An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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