Our June newsletter sees a mysterious shadow, finds a puffy plane, and experiences an emergency landing with cameras rolling...

Emergency Landing Lessons

ImageJust moments before touch-down Friday, Continental Flight 1807 suddenly banked left, pulled-up and went around. What happened next was captured on video by this month's Bravo Blogger and offers important lessons for general aviation pilots everywhere...

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Where & What Am I? - June

ImageWe're doubling-down this month, combining our ever-popular "Where Am I?" and "What Am I?" contests.

One picture. Two answers. Tell us where this photo was snapped and the type of aircraft you see hiding behind its own shadow on short final.

Here's a super hint: this twin-engine, aging passenger jet is landing at its typically hot hub near the middle of the country.

The first person to tell us wins an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt AND mousepad.

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Lively Livery

ImageLast month's "What Am I?" contest went back in time, and honored the original coat of paint on a storied airline.

Archer Bravo member Dale Long was the first to correctly guess the pictured aircraft is the Alaska Airlines 75th Starliner Boeing 737-800.

Perhaps ironically, it was captured on the ramp at the balmy Honolulu International Airport, far from its chilly roots.

Congrats Dale. An Archer Bravo mousepad is on the way.

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June: Is It Real or Fake?

ImageOur latest edition of "Is It Real or Fake?" finds turbo-prop that looks more like a blimp than a plane. Is there such a thing? We need you to tell us by clicking below...

Is This Plane Real or Fake?

Getting Social

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Not So Sheltered

ImageBecause of its infamous fog, last month's airport sometimes does have pilots on approach asking, "Where Am I?"

But on this sparkling day, Archer Bravo member Jeff Lohse had no problem identifying the field as the Shelter Cove Airport (0Q5) on the Northern California Coast.

Member David Kroutil snapped this photo on approach to runway 30, where fog, crosswinds, and downdrafts are the norm.

Thanks David, and congrats Jeff. An Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way.

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