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Short Final Stumper

ImageFor just the third time in the history of our "Where Am I?" contest, we've stumped you.

Maybe you were asleep in BED (hint: that's a hint)?

Member John Levinson snapped this photo on short final to Runway 5 at Hanscom Field (BED) in Bedford, Massachusetts, about 20 miles northwest of Boston.

The Air Force shares the field with general aviation, or maybe it's vice-versa.

You can see John is flying his Cessna 182 at a steady 75 knots descending through 500 feet on the glideslope.

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"Where Am I?" - June

For our June "Where Am I?" contest, let's go somewhere a bit more familiar to most of us.

It shouldn't take a hint, but what the heck:

In this photo, we're on a right downwind leg to the airport after a long oceanic crossing.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets a redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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What Am I? - June

ImageThis month's "What Am I?" contest comes from a curious Archer Bravo member who just happened to stumble across this aircraft while visiting an airport in Florida.

That's the perfect excuse to snap a picture and test your fellow members (and us!).

The first person to correctly guess will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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Nostalgic Final Approach

ImageIt used to be a common sight at Honolulu International Airport. But these classic birds are no longer hopping between the islands.

Archer Bravo Member Ace Ellinwood was the first to correctly identify the aircraft as an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200.

Ace knows the plane well, having been a captain for Aloha. The airline went bankrupt and shutdown last spring.

The photo was taken during a "kona wind" weather pattern, which forces pilots to land to the west after approaching over Waikiki. The Boeing is about to touch down on Runway 26R.

Congrats Ace, and best of luck to you. An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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When Your E.L.T. Goes M.I.A.

It's a tiny box in the back of the plane, meant to alert rescuers in the worst case scenario. But a recent accident reminds our Bravo Blogger why you really can't rely on those ELTs...

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