New Year. New President. And in our first Newsletter of 2009, we take you to two crash sites, put you under some nylon, and unveil our all-new, interactive Bravo Blog...

Ditching Dilemma

ImageThe remodeled Bravo Blog will now be updated several times a month, and offers many new features: post instant comments, get Blog alerts, and sign-up to be a contributor!

Our latest post praises the pilot of US Air Flight 1549, and also makes us think about ditching a small plane. Our Bravo Blogger's location makes it a very real possibility, but his options aren't so obvious...

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Where Am I? - January

ImageJanuary's "Where Am I?" contest might seem generic at first. A spoiler. A wing tip. A field. A hanger.

But if you look closely, and you're up to speed on another recent airline accident (thankfully, with another safe outcome), then you'll immediately know where this month's photo was taken.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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Ho, Ho, Ho...

ImageDecember's "Where Am I?" contest took the holiday theme, and ran with it... across a gravel runway to the North Pole!

Archer Bravo Member David Otis was the first to correctly identify the pictured airport as the Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport (95Z) in North Pole, Alaska.

And since many of you guessed Fairbanks - that's about 12 miles to the west. In case Rudolph gets lost next year.

Congrats David! An Archer Bravo t-shirt is on its way.

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Would $5 Matter?

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Winter Workhorse

ImageIn last month's "What Am I?" contest, Archer Bravo Member Blake Kelly was the first to correctly identify the pictured aircraft as an Air New Zealand Boeing 737.

This photo was snapped on the ramp of the Queenstown Airport in mid-July - yep, our summer is their winter. This particular flight will cross The Remarkables mountain range on its way north to Auckland.

Oh, and no one got the bonus points by guessing the correct variation. It's a 737-300.

Congrats Blake! An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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What Am I? - January

ImageWe go from an awesome hunk of metal on the ground last month, to a perfect blend of nylon, yarn, and skill floating through the air for our January "What Am I?" contest.

Of course, you know it's a parachute. So what's the question?

We'd like to know what elite jump team this parachutist belongs to. The colors certainly are a hint.

The first person to correctly guess wins an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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Chris Archer
Founder, Archer Bravo Aviation, Inc.