In February's newsletter, we grab an aerial view of a bustling hub, take an elevator ride, and find ourselves in a tricky situation on a busy runway...

Takeoff Troubles

ImageWe've had a tremendous response to our all new interactive Bravo Blog, which is now updated several times each month. Thank you for reading!

The latest posting deals with a seemingly routine take-off that suddenly gets very interesting. And don't miss February's other offerings about stick-pushers, Sully, and Buddy.

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Where Am I? - February

ImageLet's grab a bird's eye view for February's "Where Am I?" contest, above a place our feathered friends might actually fly away from during the chilly winter months.

This busy hub actually started as a race track, and now features a shuttle connection to our nation's largest mall. Fly. Shop. Buy.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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Mile High Wreck

ImageIt's not exactly what passengers might want to see moments after touchdown at any airport, but that's exactly what you got in January's "Where Am I?" contest.

Archer Bravo Member Matthew Papenfuhs was the first to correctly identify the photo was taken at Denver International Airport (DEN) in Colorado.

And that's the wreckage of Continental flight 1404 in the background, awaiting removal after veering off Runway 34R during take-off December 20th. Thankfully, everyone got out.

Congrats Matthew! An Archer Bravo t-shirt is on its way.

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Army's Own Air Force

ImageIn last month's "What Am I?" contest, Archer Bravo Member Steve Dee was the first to correctly identify the pictured parachute team as the U.S. Army Golden Knights.

This photo was snapped during a demonstration at Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Base on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. The team was formed in 1961, and now travels the country wowing crowds and helping recruit new soldiers.

Congrats Steve! An Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad is on the way!

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What Am I? - February

ImageWhile we're on the subject of parachutes, let's see what it takes to get skydivers into the air.

February's "What Am I?" contest finds an excellent "elevator" poised on the ground floor, prop spinning, ready to lift its next group of thrill-seekers.

The first person to correctly guess the type of aircraft wins an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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