Our expansion continues, this time near the infamous ADIZ. Rentals from Maryland are now loaded into the database, and we're sure to land at an airport near you soon. In the meantime, if you like our "Where Am I?" contest, you'll love our new "What Am I?" game, debuting below...

Give Me an "N", please...

We're collecting N-numbers from all of our members. Just click on the link below, and add the N-number from the rental aircraft you fly.

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A July Spoiler

ImagePerhaps we went too heavy on the clues... or maybe the puns.

Archer Bravo Member Jon Marshall was the first to correctly guess the July photo was taken at Sacramento International Airport (SMF).

The Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767ER had just touched down, after one of two daily flights between Sacramento and Honolulu. Of course, that means the jet is ETOPS certified.

Congrats Jon. A redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt is on the way!

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"Where Am I?" - August

ImageOur August "Where Am ?" contest takes us east. And rather than saturate you with clues, let's switch up the rules.

Since there's no airport in sight, name the river that's visible at the top of the picture.

The first person to submit the correct guess gets a redesigned Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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What Am I?

Taking a page from our very popular "Where Am I?" contest, we now embark on a new game...

-I'm still in commercial service, 72 years after my birth
-I'm universally recognized by aircraft lovers
-I have two engines and a stout nose

What Am I?

The first person to correctly guess the aircraft will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

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Bravo Blog: Short Final

There's nothing wrong with a bit of wind. But in this month's Bravo Blog, find out what happens on short final when the airport isn't so happy to see you...

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