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Triple the Pleasure

ImageIn March, we combined our "Where Am I?" and "What Am I?" contests, and you stepped-up to the challenge without flinching.

Archer Bravo Member Bill Pyles was the first to correctly guess the photo was taken on final approach to Runway 28R and 28L at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and the aircraft off the left wing is an Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia operated by Skywest for United Express.

And he got the bonus question! The picture was taken from an Airbus A320 operated by TED. Did the gold winglet give it away?

Congratulations Bill, an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt AND mousepad is on the way!

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"Where Am I?" - April

Ok, no more trickery. This month's "Where Am I?" contest heads straight for a familiar place for many general aviation pilots, and tourists alike.

No hints, because we haven't stumped you in months. So we'll let this one ride...

The first person to submit the correct guess gets an Archer Bravo Aviation t-shirt and bragging rights in next month's newsletter.

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What Am I? - April

ImageThis month's "What Am I?" contest will get many of you excited for the upcoming air show season.

There's a handy hint painted all over the aircraft. Call it a marriage between a bird and a reptile.

The first person to correctly identify the aircraft will win an Archer Bravo Aviation mousepad, and a mention in our next newsletter.

And for bragging rights: can you name the pilot?

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World's Worst Aviation Job

Is it possible to have a bad job in aviation? You bet. Especially in these tough economic times. Our Bravo Blogger had a chance to find that out first hand...

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